About us

Southern Cancer Care is a not-for-profit organisation advocating and fundraising for the projects inspired by the cancer care centres within our St George and Sutherland community.

Our Purpose

To improve the lives of people living with cancer.

Mission Statement

We promote the world class cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship care that is available in the St George and Sutherland community.

To support our local cancer care centres as they continue to deliver this world class service, we fund:

  • Research that advances the practice of cancer treatment
  • Building of patient-centred facilities
  • Development of multidisciplinary models of care

We acknowledge our local communities who support this work.

Southern Cancer Care

Our commitment to improving the lives of those in our community with cancer and their families is as strong as it was 25 years ago.

We have big ambitions for continuing to provide personalised Cancer Care.

For the future our support will be towards the study and research of Cancer, how that is applied practically within the Cancer Care Centre and fostering researchers.

Enhancing our patient facilities remains close to the core for the Board and the support for these works will continue as required.


The best way to improve Cancer treatment and health care is to invest in research.

We are collaborating with the St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation (SSMRF) to provide grants for Cancer Research. Our aim is to fund relevant Cancer Research with the SSMRF.  By doing this we seek to improve the outcomes for patients with Cancer, and encourage our young researchers to continue to study Cancer and make improvements in how we mediate this disease.

How you can help

Our strength has always been with our community who have supported us for many years. The generosity of our community has been overwhelming in the past. For the future we hope that will continue.

There are many ways to assist.  Donations large or small are gratefully appreciated. Every dollar donated takes us closer to achieving our goals.