New technique to treat liver cancer

Written by Dr Gina Hesselberg | 18 Apr 2023

Our priority at the St George Cancer Care Centre is to deliver the best standard of care for our patients. We are excited to now offer a specialist radiotherapy treatment technique utilised to treat liver cancer.

Stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR) or stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) is a type of radiation treatment whereby we deliver a high radiation dose per treatment over a shorter total number of treatments. It is an extremely precise and targeted form of radiotherapy that can be used in treating cancers originating in the liver as well as those cancers that may have spread to the liver from other body sites.

SABR is a non-invasive treatment option and may be considered in circumstances where other liver-directed treatment options are not possible (such as surgery or ablation). It is generally well tolerated with minimal side effects. A radiation oncologist will initially see a patient to determine if they are suitable for this treatment option. After this, the treatment is planned and delivered by a specialist team, including radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, medical physicists and radiation nurses.